A number of our partnership projects that have been running for the last few years were brought together under the umbrella of the newly formed Hope for Kibera Charity in April 2018 to co-ordinate resources and activities. Much of the actual work is carried out on a day to day basis by a small army of local volunteers who are passionate about being part of bringing positive change to the Kibera community. They are supported by volunteers from the UK who join the twice-yearly trips to Kibera.



Registered in Kenya, the Board comprises three members who live in Nairobi and two international members from the UK. Much of the work to date has been accomplished through partnership between Kenya and the UK and the spirit of the charity is to embrace and further promote this team working.


The members of the board are: 

Andrew Ouma


Ruth Odhiambo


Simon Musango


David Boniface

UK member

Neil Moore

UK member