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Elpo School -  low cost education for local primary aged children.

In the past, we have carried out some teacher development work with Elpo School (formerly known as Hope Community School) which was initially opened as a 14-pupil school in January 2015 to offer low-cost education for primary-aged children. Originally meeting in a small building at the ICA centre, its accommodation was simple; a bare concrete floor, tin roof and no furniture. In the playground, a solitary metal slide, and a broken swing set.


So, why do we support Education? Because it holds a vital key to Kibera’s development. It might not change the whole slum, but if some simple support can brighten the future of a few children, we believe it’s worth it.

Currently, we are focusing on the training of teachers in:




  • Introduction

  • Developing a policy

  • Implementation

  • Working with the community

Classroom management:


  • Expectations

  • Planning

  • Environment

  • Rewards and sanctions

Interested in education and development? Email to explore how you can support us.

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Dave Boniface was born in Portchester and is married to Sue and has four adult children and eight grand children. He leads the New Community Kibera Project seeking to serve the needs and support education, training and youth development projects taking place mainly in Kibera Kenya. Education features in Dave's varied career so in addition to overall projects lead, he also leads the school project.

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