Public Washrooms Project

At our last visit to Kenya in January 2020 our local partners presented us with an idea to build a much-needed public washrooms building (showers and latrines) on the Kibera slum. They had already established themselves as a Community Based Organisation (CBO) to manage the micro-enterprise loan scheme and were looking to expand what they could do to improve living standards for the slum community.

Given an initially tentative green light, there followed a huge amount of hard work by our local partners in exploring options and checking legalities plus a number of generous donations from the UK and beyond. Then in November 2020 our local committee was able to buy a suitable piece of land, build a caretaker's house, and secure the site it with fencing to keep it safe so the building work could begin.

Since then, progress has not always been easy, with a number of local and cultural challenges to overcome, and not a little opposition, but we're delighted to report continued progress.


January 2020

"Can you help us build a washrooms, with a library/community room on top, and a children's daycare centre?"


November 2020

Purchase of  a piece of land on the slum. 27' x  63', enough for a washroom and a childcare centre.


December 2020

Initial plans drawn up. Four shower and six toilet cubicles, plus handwashing and clothes washing facilities.

Caretaker's house

February 2021

The site has been cleared, the boundary re-secured (some of the fence panels were stolen) and the caretaker's house built.

Setting out

July 2021

Work on the washrooms building begins on the ground.


July 2021

Concrete and stone foundations to provide a secure basis for the stone walls and reinforced concrete roof to come.


July 2021

All building materials need to be carried to the site by hand. There are no access roads, just narrow, uneven passageways between the shacks.


August 2021

The concrete floor is down and the walls and re-inforced pillars are under way to give an impression of how the layout will work. Separate sides for male and female.


August 2021

Not everyone wants to see the project succeed. Opposition has been delivered more than once through personal threats and even malicious vandalism of our foreman's own business. 


August 2021

The ground floor walls are in place and preparations complete in readiness for the concrete for the roof / first floor.

First floor

September 2021

Laying the concrete in one day was no mean feat. Everything needed to be mixed by hand and then carried (by hand) up to the roof level to be poured and vibrated.