Periodically, a talk, a nourishing meal and time to play together are provided for local children. Apart from the direct benefit to the children themselves, this also has a small impact on families who therefore have one or two less meals to provide that week, especially in the current poor economic climate with escalating food prices. Some children prefer to take their meals home to share with other members of the family.  Numbers vary, but on average the programme feeds around 300 children every two weeks. It costs around 150 GBP per sitting. 

A typical meal consists of cooked rice, beans, minced meat, Irish potatoes and cabbage.  


In the past, the UK has provided funding for equipment such as cooking stoves, pots, utensils, bowls, plates, spoons and also a variety of play equipment and games Current funding only helps towards the cost of the food, although this does also include the School, where each child is given tea or porridge at 10.00 am and then a hot meal at lunchtime every day. It is a challenge to maintain funding given both the rise in the number of pupils attending the school and the increase in the cost of food.

This project is partly funded on an on-going basis by a commercial company based in Hampshire, UK and partly through a Swedish church connection established by Ruth Odhiambo. In the UK it is headed by Diane Bower.