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Our micro enterprise committee

Micro Enterprise Development would not exist today were it not for the energy, drive, enthusiasm and wisdom of the local committee in Kibera. Each one with a passion to see positive changes in their community.


All are successful business people in their own right who are able not only to manage the MED loan fund but provide help and encouragement to those requesting business loans and also build the local small business community by organising regular training and networking events. There is a real wealth of practical experience within the local community. The committee is helping to unlock that business potential.

Our local committee are:

From left to right:

William Mbuvi (member)

Mark Tizodi (member)

Benjamin Muthoka (transitional member and previous chair)

Ann Ndaka (chair)

Jane Chepkerin (treasurer)

Billy Rogo (hon secretary)

Gerson Amimo (member)

They are supported from the UK by Neil Moore and Chris Romilly.


If you are from the Kibera community and would like to apply for a business loan to start up or expand your small enterprise, then speak to a member of the local committee. They will guide you through the process, give you advice and help you build your business case.

William, Mark, Benjamin, Ann, Jane and Billy

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