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Growing small business enterprise

In 2019 the global Covid pandemic restricted travel and in response, the focus of our interaction with our partners in Kenya became increasingly online. Born out of a need to provide small business training, initially for young people graduating from the twelve-step narcotics restoration programme, we have developed this training course to help to establish and expand small businesses that are the heartbeat of the local economy. Each week a group of 6 - 12 young people met with a facilitator to watch the short video lesson, discuss the contents, and then work through the exercises. Answers to exercises and questions for the tutor have been posted on the group's WhatsApp chat wall.

And now we're about to start a new course with a new contingent of enthusiastic young hopeful business entrepreneurs.

​As we've gained experience over recent years, we have made the course more generic so that it can be reused in different settings. The material is available here or via our YouTube channel for free download and use.

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