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Many of our partners in the Kibra community are small traders; in fact, small market stalls selling a wide range of food, second-hand clothes, hardware, and a variety of services are the heartbeat of the slum. In 2020 we were invited to a meeting of the UMOJA (meaning unity) group. A network of local traders, including a number of our partners, had established this group to share ideas and resources, but most importantly to establish a Savings Mutual to insure against the costs of unexpected events for its members, and also to invest for the future on a scale not possible by individual traders.

With a vision also to improve their wider community, UMOJA has through COVID and continuing today, provided food to the poorest and most vulnerable people in their local area, funded by generous donations from the UK.

At the beginning of May 2024, the UK team caught up with members at one of UMOJA's weekly meetings. In this short video, Billy Rogo (chair of the group) describes the purpose of UMOJA.

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