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UK Healthcare Team


The team of UK volunteers that deliver community healthcare training include a number of healthcare professionals.​

Irene Hendley (2).jpg

Irene Hendley leads the community healthcare work and has the next highest number of Kibera trips to her name. Now retired, Irene had a long and successful career as a midwife and is therefore well qualified to lead our healthcare programme. Irene lives in Bury St Edmunds, where amongst other things she is a volunteer manager of a charity shop.

Bex and David.jpg

Bex (Rebecca) Stockley has been a member of the NC Kibera team a number of times. Her experience working in the NHS has enabled her to deliver community healthcare training alongside Irene and others. Bex lives in Eastleigh, is married to David and mum to their two boys.


Calvin Smith is a founding member of the Kibera Healthcare team and will enthusiastically tell you that Kibera his second home. Initially travelling to Kibera just to "help out" he was amazed how quickly he got to love the place and the people. Calvin lives and works in Southampton.

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