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April 2019 Team

Here's the low-down on the members of the next UK Team to visit Kibera from 24th to 29th April.

Dave Boniface, Team leader and seasoned campaigner with over ten visits to Kibera to his name. Dave was born in Portchester, UK, is married to Sue and has four adult children. At 16 he went to sea, training as a Navigating Officer with a U.K. commercial shipping company. Later, after six years in the retail trade, he went back to college and spent several years teaching geography in a local secondary school. He was involved in Sublime Youth Ministries from 1995 – 2006. He travels extensively, often with a team of young people and has spoken at conferences and events and worked in many nations across the world. In addition to Kibera, he is currently providing advice and consultancy to, and working for, a number of charitable organisations in the UK and abroad mainly in the field of Education and youth development.

Dave Boniface

Irene Hendley leads the community healthcare work and has the next highest number of Kibera trips to her name. Now retired, Irene had a long and successful career as a midwife and is therefore well qualified to lead our healthcare programme. Irene lives in Bury St Edmunds, where amongst other things she is a volunteer manager of a charity shop.

Bex and Irene teaching Community Healthcare

Bex (Rebecca) Stockley has also been a member of the Kibera team a number of times. Her experience working in the NHS has enabled her to deliver community healthcare training alongside Irene. Bex lives in Eastleigh and is married to David and mum to the couple's two boys.

Neil Moore

Neil Moore leads the Micro Enterprise and Business Development work. Now semi-retired following a varied career in IT, he is enjoying greater flexibility and opportunities to explore a variety of different projects, including spending more time with the Kibera projects. Neil lives in Southampton with Hilary his wife and two rapidly growing up teenagers, Sam and Anna.

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