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Ask a question day

Believe it or not, today, 14th March is International Ask a Question Day, so what better day to focus attention on some of the big issues in the Kibera slum and outline our response to them?

What are the biggest issues that NC Kibera projects are addressing?

Access to basic services: Kibera has limited access to basic services such as clean water, sanitation, healthcare, and education. Supporting our local partners in building a public washroom provides some relief whilst over the years our healthcare training programmes have addressed some of the wider educational issues.

Poverty: Kibera is characterized by high levels of poverty, which affects the quality of life for its residents. Our small business training and micro-enterprise loan projects aim to provide opportunities for successful and sustained income-generating activities and job creation.

Environmental degradation: Kibera is facing environmental degradation due to poor waste management practices and the lack of green spaces. An offshoot of our drug misuse rehabilitation programme is a small refuse collection business that not only offers a helpful service to local residents but also provides some income-generating employment for some of the young people on the programme.

Gender-based violence: Gender-based violence is prevalent in Kibera, and women and girls are particularly vulnerable. Our mandate is to work with all genders, all ages, all faiths, and people of no faith, and some of our work aims to empower women and girls through education, training, and access to resources.

Social exclusion: Many residents of Kibera face social exclusion due to their ethnicity, social status, or other factors. Our local partners are from a number of different nations, faiths, and tribal identities. Our football academy, which boys and girls, and both male and female coaches is a great example of the power and language of sport superseding common social barriers.

Drug abuse: Kibera is known for having a high rate of drug abuse, particularly among young people. We recognise that drug abuse is a complex issue that requires a multifaceted approach. As such, our local team delivers weekly classroom awareness sessions in five secondary schools and additionally, provides counseling and support services to those who are struggling with drug addiction.

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