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Building business and serving the community

I'm always inspired by the innovation, initiative and sheer drive of many of the small business owners that live and work in Kibera. And through our micro enterprise loan scheme it's a privilege to be able to help and support some of these people in their journey, not only enabling them to improve standards for themselves and their families, but also to improve life in the community in which they live.

One of the several great examples of this is Gerzon, who requested a business loan to improve his showers and latrines business.

One of the many big challenges in Kibera is sanitation. With water provided via sporadic "informal" stand pipes and little in the way of organised drainage and sewers the community relies on public showers and latrines. Gerzon provides such a service, offering clean shower facilities with hot running water (unusual in the area), plus latrines that are connected by plastic pipes to the nearest sewer. It was to improve his sewer infrastructure that Gerzon was awarded a loan.

He's noticed that his clients often have children with them when they want to take a shower. So looking forwards, he's planning to develop a children's play area on the roof. Clever thinking. Innovation in action.

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