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Ever dreamed ...

... of sponsoring a football team?

Kibera Saints Football Club is open to offers and as their success and reputation continues to grow, sponsorship makes for an attractive proposition for sponsors and team alike.

At the start of a new season, the senior team continues to perform well in the Nairobi West Regional League against teams that have much greater financial backing and support. They are punching above their weight.

And in terms of community impact, Kibera Saints FC continues to be an amazing good news story, attracting boys and girls from the slum and developing their sense of self worth and confidence as well as developing the more traditional skills associated with teamwork in general and football in particular. They are still positively impacting levels of youth crime in the part of the slum in which the players live.

Here are the teams:

Under nine (9); 15 players

Under eleven (11); 20 players

Under thirteen (13); 15 players

Under fifteen (15); 18 players

Under seventeen (17); 20 players

Seniors (18 - 25 yrs); 35 players

Total; 123 players.

So, if you want sponsor a thriving football community that is performing well and is also significantly impacting young lives in the Kibera slum, get in touch with us. You can be part of this amazing journey.

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