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Flying toilets

One of the challenges in the Kibera slum is a lack of sanitation. The people who live here in makeshift shacks have no internal running water or drainage. Instead, they have to rely on public latrines or make use of plastic bags which are subsequently thrown across the slum; the infamous flying toilets.

Early last year, one of the community groups we work with in Kibera approached us with a proposal to build a community washroom (latrines and showers) to improve sanitation in the community. Thanks to this local group of volunteers and to donations largely from the UK, we have been able to "purchase" a piece of land in the slum and are now at the point of beginning the building work. This is a significant milestone.

Working in this environment is often challenging and partnering with local people who understand local culture is absolutely essential. We've come a long way, and although there will be more challenges to come, our vision to have a sustainable, community-owned washroom is in sight.

If you'd be interested in partnering with us, do get in touch. It's not just about money, we're always keen to hear from people who can offer time and skills, especially as with current pandemic restrictions, our support from the UK is remote.

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