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Happy New Year 2024

Thank you to everyone who has been part of the NC Kibera journey in Kenya in 2023. As we begin 2024, some words spoken to our local Kenyan team, are shared here too.

  • Well done good and faithful servants. You have done incredibly well.

  • You have learned to work well together and support each other without some outsider trying to run things for you.

  • You care for each other and cheer each other on.

  • You don’t care for titles or status or big platforms. You know how to serve.

  • You sit with people whom others would find unworthy.

  • You trust people who let you down.

  • You work tirelessly often without reward.

  • You take responsibility for all that goes on.

  • You start early and finish late.

  • You bring hope to the community.

  • You bring a smile to the face of God.

  • You care and then just do…

  • You are bringing life to the city.

Thank you to everyone who has supported this journey in different ways. It couldn't continue without you.

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