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It's not just about football

It is said that “football” is an international language, and this is no less so for an incredible initiative in the Kibera slum in Nairobi, where the average household income is just $2 per day and where there is little sanitation or services such as clean water and electricity.

For the past few years, we have supported and encouraged an emerging football club that was pioneered by three local young people, Mark, William and Abdi, with a vision to engage the youth and thereby reduce crime and build self-esteem through this sport. In this time the club has grown to over 100 members (boys and girls) and currently operates several teams over different age groups playing in different leagues. In the past two years, their first team has been promoted twice and now occupies a coveted place in the Regional Division 2 (national level 4) league; impressive for “kids from the slum”. It has given them remarkable respect both locally and further afield.

But it’s not just about football, but about team building, personal healthcare, hygiene, mental health and first aid. It’s about spin-off projects like pay-back Monday, where club members engage in community activities like clearing rubbish and about a feeding initiative, helping some of those most impacted by the current pandemic. It’s about seeding small businesses to enable club members to financially support themselves and about programmes that tackle drug addiction.

As the club continues to succeed and grow, and extend its impact in the local community we want to extend our financial support. There is scope for growth with all the club’s current projects, not least because their league success brings additional influence. But to realise this there is a current need to increase funding and for this reason, we've launched a funding appeal. Longer-term we'd be delighted if we could attract ongoing sponsorship (please talk to us if you can help), but for the time being, you can be part of Kibera Saints amazing journey by making a one-off donation by following the link below. Thank You.

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