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Kibera Saints FC Update (August 2017)

After all has been said and done. We all witnessed what happened in Kibera during the latest election and you can bear us witness that it was nothing compared to the 2007. Political violence. Unlike that time, only a few number of youths took part in this by blocking the roads and destroying other people's properties.

We say big up to all the football teams and coaches around here. For sure their efforts for unity and change in the lives of their youths has been evident now more than ever before. Some years back, these were youths who used to be very active in sports but would lead from the front when it came to violence and other crimes.

We can't fail to recognise the New Community Kibera's team for all their efforts in training some of these coaches and also for supporting the Kibera Saints FC team currently in the FKF county league. There has been a great improvement in the lives of the youths we have been handling and that is a great motivation to us. We encourage them not to be shy of what they have learned but to stand firm in what they believe in.

Darkness has never overcome light, so may your light continue shining bright both in this community, nation and the whole world. Mark Tizodi.

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