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Life can change in an instant

Life can take a sudden and dramatic turn for the worse, especially in communities that have little or no state-provided healthcare. This has been the experience of Diana, one of our Kibera volunteers, who among other things leads the girls' drug rehabilitation group.

Late in her pregnancy, Diana developed massive complications including liver failure, and on three occasions her family was told that she wasn't going to make it. Sadly she lost her baby (April Nia), but Diana herself is now out of hospital, out of danger, and recovering at home. Our recent trip to Kibera allowed us to see Diana for a little while, and although she is still quite fragile, she's making progress and is in good spirits.

Generous donations from our community and others have helped to meet Diana's crippling medical expenses. Last week we were able to send a further donation towards the diminishing outstanding hospital balance which we hope will soon be cleared. Thank you so much to everyone who has supported Diana.

Diana and her brother, Mark.

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