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Kibera: flexibility is always the key

Eleven years and numerous visits have taught us that there is no normal in Kibera and the best of planning and experience only reinforces the inevitability of curved balls. A birthing tragedy, a very sick mother, an eye-watering medical bill, tumultuous unseasonal rainfall with the inevitable flooding of poor land, and the loss of shacks, are just part of the last two weeks' headlines. Despite this, our local partners are ready to receive us on our upcoming visit; as we plan, learn, work, grieve and laugh together.

There is of course so much to celebrate and to progress during our visit. The recently rented hub will be the centre of training for the menstrual health project and some first aid updates. There will be an introduction to safeguarding sessions alongside visits to the washroom project and local businesses. Evaluations of the Umoja monthly feeding group, the drugs rehabilitation/12 step project the football academy are all part of the plan.*

However Kibera is Kibera and flexibility will be the key.

*Check out for more details on all the projects.

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