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Saints On The Surge

Meteoric rises up the football pyramid aren't uncommon. The main ingredient for such propulsion is ordinarily deep pockets and a blank chequebook. But the Kibera Saints acceleration up the Kenyan football hierarchy has shown that financial force isn't everything.

Since their installation into the Kenyan Youth League in 2015, the Saints have been promoted four times in six seasons and now find themselves rubbing shoulders with some of Kenya's established clubs.

Working with a fraction of the budget and resources their fellow National Division Two rivals possess, the team isn't daunted and is raring to kick off the new season.

The team's success is testimony to the incredible work and commitment being put in by their coaches. Their relational coaching is not just growing their players but also the reputation of the club. Regardless of how the new season goes, the Kibera Saints have shown that 'slum boys' can no longer just be dismissed and have achieved a level of success to match their Premier League namesakes.

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