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Some stories are painful

Kenya Saints do an incredible job engaging with young people who are addicted to drugs, helping and encouraging them towards recovery from their addiction. But not everyone represents a success story. Deno was a member of the Restoration programme who was killed by police in October 2023, as he participated in gang-related crime. The loss was felt acutely by the Restoraton team. Mark Tizodi, Kenya Saints Lead wrote ...

"Feeling sad that we lost our brother to crime in Kibera slums, though he was part of us for a short period of time. Life in slums is not easy at all, more so for youths. We encourage them to always stay away from drugs and bad company. The journey of bringing life to our city is not easy but we know that by the Grace of God and through our partnership with the UK friends, we'll one day be proud of all our efforts and sweat. R.I.P. our brother Deno, sad you left this way."

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