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Fish and Rod Stories

Give a man a fish and you feed him for etc… When The Kibera Saints are short of balls, fish and rod stories just don’t hold water.

Especially when the fishing rod breaks. He's not only without a rod, but he's also up a creek without a paddle. Maxim Man's day is just going from bad to worse.

When the Kibera Saints Football Team began their journey, resources were few and far between. Sticks and stones used as posts and cones made for the very real danger of broken bones. Balls compiled out of trash and rags made for tentative strikes; particularly barefoot.

Seeing an opportunity to support and resource a fledgeling football team; NC Kibera has regularly couriered balls, bibs, cones, and kits on their trips. Through their community connections, the Saints coaches have successfully distributed resources far and wide to support fellow soccer sides.

Due to the COVID pandemic, the UK team has been grounded. Unable to travel to Kibera for the last year has meant that distribution has dried up. With every burst ball and crushed cone, their supply has dwindled to the point of desperation. The lack of football's is having an especially detrimental effect on teams training and match-day preparations and their impressive progression up the leagues. Our courageous coaches are in a conundrum.

Despite being grounded, NC Kibera hopes to continue to resource the Kibera Saints Football Team through local avenues. Football equipment comes at a premium with Sports Direct's being few and far between.

The man knows how to fish: We need to help him replace his rod.

Would you buy a football for Kibera Saints Football Team?


(£20.00 will buy one ball that can survive the realities of a Kenyan football pitch)

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